Terrell Davis predicts Adrian Peterson will break NFL rushing record and win MVP

The beginning of the NFL season is a time to make some bold predictions, which is exactly what former All-Pro running back Terrell Davis did on Wednesday.

Davis predicted Minnesota Vikings stud runner Adrian Peterson would rush for 2,200 yards and be named the MVP of 2015.

As we all know, Peterson is returning to the NFL after serving a season-long suspension in 2014. Though he’s 30 years old, time doesn’t appear to have taken its toll on Peterson, who maintained his stellar physique while sidelined.

Davis isn’t the only one who believes Peterson could reach 2,200 yards—which would set a single-season record—in 2015. Peterson’s wife also called 2,200 yards for her husband.

Additionally, back in June, Peterson boldly stated he could pile up 2,000-plus yards every year he continues to play.

“I want to pass that 2,000 mark every year,” Peterson said, per the Pioneer Press.

Even though Peterson and Davis look to be on the same page, others clearly do not agree.

And, while on the subject of bold predictions, Peterson’s goal of surpassing 2,000 yards every season he keeps playing isn’t his only lofty expectation. He also desires to top Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record of 18,355 yards and this task could be accomplished in seven or eight years.

Peterson currently has 10,190 rushing yards. If he played another eight years, he must average 1,021 yards per season to squash Smith’s record. That’s probably not going to happen.

For now though, Peterson meeting Davis’ prediction for the 2015 season alone seems a tad more attainable. And, if this becomes a reality, fantasy football owners of Peterson would be thrilled.