Steve Kerr zings Dennis Rodman regarding rant about players resting

Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr were old teammates during their Chicago Bulls days. So when Kerr heard about Rodman’s rant regarding players resting these days, he knew exactly how to rip him on the comeback.

Rodman appeared on Tuesday’s “Reiter Than You,” with CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter and had plenty of negative things to say about LeBron James in comparison to Michael Jordan.

“You know what, LeBron’s doing one thing that I always said that Michael Jordan never did,” Rodman said. “He never rested. He played every game. He played every game. LeBron has the position to do this now because they need him. The league needs him that’s why he’s doing all this crazy s— now like bitching and complaining and all this [BS].”

When Kerr was asked about Rodman’s statement Wednesday night, he gave a tremendously witty and biting response.

Kerr is known for being a great coach for the Golden State Warriors, but he’s also developing a reputation for making entertaining and pointed comments in media sessions. This was just one of them, adding to what’s turning into a long list (like this one).