Steve Kerr rips President Trump, won’t rule out run for political office

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Game 2 2017 NBA Finals

Much like Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has never been afraid to speak publicly about the issues of the day. Among other things, this is one of the major aspects of life that the pupil learned from his former teacher with the Spurs.

Kerr may not be on the bench as his Warriors look to make a third consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, but he’s surely not going to let that stop him from lashing out about the politics of today, President Trump specifically.

In talking to members of the media this week, Kerr went to town on Trump, calling the president a “blowhard,” among other things.

It’s interesting that Kerr would reference legendary coach Bobby Knight. These comments come on the heels of Knight himself praising the president.

Another interesting aspect of Kerr’s comments is the fact that he would not rule out a run for political office after his coaching days are over.

“I wouldn’t rule it out. Ten years from now, If I’m 61 and I’ve had enough of the NBA and I thought I could make a difference doing this or that,” Kerr said.

Considering Kerr’s level of popularity in Northern California, he could probably run for public office without any experience and get a fair amount of votes.

In any event, this is just another example of someone within the sports world speaking out against an increasingly divisive president at a time when the nation appears to be more divided than at any point in recent history.

As it relates to Kerr and the Warriors, he will travel with the team to San Antonio this weekend. Kerr has been sidelined due to complications stemming from back surgery he underwent back in 2015.