Steelers’ Antonio Brown drops $200,000 on a necklace for his birthday

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is a fan of that bling. He’s also a wealthy man worth enough in cold card cash to go out there and treat himself.

In celebrating his 30th birthday earlier this week, the NFL’s best receiver dropped $200,000 on a gold chain for himself.

It’s some pretty ridiculous stuff. The chain include a full kilogram of gold and his personal logo made up of 100 handpicked VS2 diamonds, via TMZ Sports.

A photo posted to Brown’s Instagram account shows off some of the bling.


There is a special meaning behind the chain. The names of Brown’s fiancee and children are featured along the outside of the plate.

Having already earned north of $53 million over his career, this is a treat Brown can certainly afford. At the very least, he didn’t drop $18 million on a watch.