Sixers head coach calls LeBron James the best to ever play

It will never fully be decided. That’s really not how comparing greats from the past to those starring today works. But the LeBron James comparisons to Michael Jordan will seemingly never end. Fresh off James breaking another of Jordan’s long-held records, this debate continues to rage.

We can now add Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown to the mix. Ahead of his team’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brown took to the media to throw his support behind King James in this debate.

Given that Philadelphia is a potential suitor for James in free agency, one might think there’s an ulterior motive to these comments. After all, one way to get on James’ good side is to praise him at every turn.

Looking to make his eighth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals, there’s a logical reason to believe James stands about Jordan as the greatest of all-time. It’s a fun conversation to have with buddies at a bar and around the water cooler.

But nothing James does from now to the end of his career is really going to change opinions all too much. He’s among the greatest of all-time. That’s not even in question. Whether he is in fact the greatest to ever suit up on an NBA hardwood is definitely up for interpretation.