Singer pitches LeBron to Los Angeles with marijuana strain

By Vincent Frank
Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels

Impending free agent LeBron James will certainly get his fair share of pitches as he embarks on what will be a whirlwind tour next month.

While still early in the process, it’s highly unlikely that any pitch will be as creative as the one made by Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist The Game, who is using marijuana to lure James to his hometown Lakers. Specifically, the cannabis entrepreneur has named a strain of the plant after King James.

It’s called “LA’ Bron James” and is created under the guise of The Game’s marijuana company, Trees By Game.

We’re pretty sure James won’t choose Los Angeles because there’s now a strain of marijuana named after him. He’s certainly more of a wine guy and isn’t about that munchy game.

Even then, this is a pretty original pitch…one of many that will come James’ way within the next few weeks.