Seth Rollins Further Dumps on Johnny Manziel: “You Just Wanna Put Your Fist in his Face”

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

WWE’s Seth Rollins isn’t done dumping on poor Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. In June, Manziel was present at a “Raw in Cleveland” event where Rollins publicly called him an “idiot face” in front of thousands of attendees.


During a recent interview, Rollins explained his remarks about Manziel:

“(Manziel)was born with one of those faces that you just want to punch,” Rollins told Jimmy Traina on The Buzz podcast (h/t cleveland.com). “You just wanna put your fist in his face. There’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe it’s the way he comes off. I don’t know.”

Rollins also trashed Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, claiming that neither he nor Manziel would ever lead Cleveland to a championship.

Hopefully Manziel, who has probably heard and been dealt much worse, can turn the other cheek when nasty remarks like this come his way. As a public personality for the WWE, Rollins has the right to speak about what he wants.

It makes sense that he would target one of the most vulnerable players in the NFL to publicly rant on.

Photo: USA Today Sports