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Russell Wilson reportedly wants to explore options outside Seattle Seahawks in 2022

Matt Johnson
Russell WIlson
Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ended his season on a high note, but the NFL star seems ready for another spring full of trade speculation and offseason drama.

While the Seahawks have insisted they won’t trade their future Hall of Fame quarterback, determined to still build around him by running it back in 2022, Wilson feels differently. After expressing frustrations regarding the roster last offseason, Seattle didn’t even compete for a playoff spot this season.

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Now, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Wilson wants to explore his options outside of Seattle to see if a better opportunity might be out there.

“Wilson has not demanded a trade, and it’s not clear if he will. But at the least, those close to Wilson say he wants to investigate other destinations to see if those would put him in a better position to win another championship and create the legacy he sees for himself.”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on future of Russell Wilson in Seattle

Wilson would love to win a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. But he acknowledged after Week 18 it might not happen with this team. Tensions between Seattle’s biggest star and its front office escalated last offseason when he called out the regime for not building a roster around him that was good enough to win the Super Bowl.

Seattle made some small additions in the next few months and changed its coaching staff on offense, but things didn’t really improve in 2021. Between Wilson’s injury and poor offensive line play, the Seahawks suffered their first double-digit loss season in the Wilson era.

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If Wilson wants out, there will be more than a half dozen teams interested in acquiring him. But a trade would almost guarantee that 70-year-old coach Pete Carroll would step away, not wanting to be a part of a rebuild at the end of his coaching career.

For now, the Seahawks are treading water and hoping everything works out. But it might be time for the front office and fans to prepare for a difficult offseason that ushers in a wave of change.