Sammy Watkins on Bills: ‘Change the culture’

To say that the Buffalo Bills currently find themselves mired in controversy would be a mild understatement. The team fired its head coach and benched its quarterback, both on the same day earlier this week. Their interim head coach had no input on the benching of the quarterback.

Now, about to finish off a season that will see them miss the playoffs for a 17th consecutive season, the Bills have a ton of question marks heading into the offseason.

Often-injured wide receiver Sammy Watkins has an opinion on how they can turn these questions into positives over the long term.

“But the new coach has to change what needs to be changed,” Watkins said, via the Bills’ official website. “Change the culture, change the mindset and get players on board. If they’re not listening, cut them, kick them out, whatever. Sit them on the bench. I think that will help us move forward.”

Buffalo entered each of the past two seasons under Rex Ryan with high expectations, but ended up representing much of the same mediocrity we’ve seen from the team over the past two decades. In reality, Ryan himself didn’t bring the change of culture that was needed. If he did, it most obviously wasn’t the type of culture indicative of a winning organization.

At the very least, Bills players now know what must change in order for the team to become relevant again. Whether what appears to be a confused front office is willing to oblige remains to be seen.