Ryan Grigson blames defensive woes on Andrew Luck’s contract

Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson offered up quite the weak excuse Friday when talking about why his team stinks on defense.

He blamed Andrew Luck’s contract.

How lame is this excuse?

From our perspective, on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the weakest excuse you could offer, this is an 11.

He did note that the Colts have “been in every game this year” and that they “have nobody to blame but ourselves” for not closing them out.

But back to his comment about paying Luck, the massive contract just kicked in this year (details here). The defense has been terrible every year Luck has been in Indianapolis, barring a competent effort in 2014.

That’s on Grigson. He has been an atrocious general manager since he arrived in 2012, the same year Luck was selected No. 1 overall. In fact, while this is slightly over the top, it’s not totally crazy to say selecting Luck was the only thing Grigson can hang his hat on.

Whether you’re talking about draft picks or free agents, Grigson has failed more often than he has succeeded. And some of the failures have been spectacular, such as the decision to give up a first-round pick for running back Trent Richardson.

The offensive line is a train wreck (on pace to allow 60 sacks this year), and the defense allows more points than every team in the NFL but two — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints.

Grigson has failed his talented young quarterback since Day 1 (more on that here). And the fact that he’s now essentially throwing Luck under the bus a bit by saying he’s too expensive to build around is a shameful thing.