Russell Wilson makes big statement with Baker Mayfield

Russell Wilson
Courtesy of USA Today

Bakery Mayfield is too darn short to be an NFL quarterback. At least, that’s the narrative some folks like to throw around to justify saying he won’t succeed at the NFL level.

While it’s true that being short isn’t typically a boon to NFL passers, there are a few who’ve managed to play huge despite their short stature. One of those guys is Russell Wilson, the amazing quarterback who helped the Seattle Seahawks win a championship a few seasons ago.

Helping make a very big point, Wilson posed for a picture, posted by the agency Mayfield chose to represent him for off-field endorsements. In it, he’s standing back-to-back with the soon-to-be NFL draft pick.

You can see him actually stretching his body to try and measure up to the Oklahoma product, as Mayfield (just over 6-foot) actually has a good inch on the Seahawks quarterback.

So yeah. While it’s true Mayfield isn’t as tall as, say, Brock Osweiler, he might just be tall enough to make it work at the NFL level. Just maybe.