Ron Jaworski has no idea if he has future with ESPN

By Jesse Reed

NFL analyst Ron Jaworski has been a mainstay at ESPN for the past 27 years, but he has no idea if he has a future with the broadcasting giant.

As part of the sweeping cuts ESPN implemented, Jaworski’s name has been mentioned among those who have already lost their jobs or are rumored to be on their way out. However, he remains on the companies payroll and has a contract that runs through 2022.

Jaworski discussed this in some detail in a podcast with Ed Werder and Matt Mosley Wednesday, noting he’s absolutely “in limbo” about his future.

“I wish I could give you a definitive answer but I don’t have one,” Jaworski said (h/t Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk). “I’m absolutely very grateful and thrilled to have worked at ESPN for 27 years. I still may continue to work at ESPN. I do not know what the future is going to hold. I still have a contract with them until May 31st of 2022, and if they choose to want to use me in some other areas, that is being talked about with my agent basically as we speak. So I’m a guy in limbo right now. But I do want to continue some broadcasting. I love what I do.

“I still maintain my office at NFL Films and the film wonk that I am, I try to give the audience something that they normally don’t get. It may be a little bit drilled down football, but I think there’s far too much football on TV that doesn’t scratch the surface and I try to drill down and give the viewers and the listeners something they don’t get anywhere else.”

One of the things Jaworski has done throughout his tenure is serve as a film analyst for the show NFL Matchups. He’s obviously unsure if he’ll be able to continue doing his work on that show but noted that whoever does it, “it will be a great show.”

If he’s not there doing it, it might not be as great. While his takes are hot at times (see: Kaepernick, Colin), there is no doubt Jaworski is one of the great personalities doing what he does.