Robert Griffin III Says It’s Not Time To Discuss Redskins Name

The National Congress of American Indians sent letters to the NFL players recently, urging them to speak up about Washington’s team name. One person who isn’t speaking up right now is Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.


RGIII was on a radio sports station, 106.7 The Fan and was asked about how he feels about being able to speak out on the team name issue. He had this to comment, (via USA Today)

When it comes to those conversations, it’s just not the time. And I understand, trust me, I’m African American, I’ve grown up being African American my entire life and I understand oppression and all the things that come with it. But for us, like I said, as players, we have to control what we can control right now, and right now that’s the football season.

If the week that the federal trademark board canceled the team’s registrations isn’t a good time to discuss the teams’ name, who knows if it will ever be an ideal time.

Photo: NFL.com