Rob Gronkowski ‘good to go’ in Week 3: ‘I’m ready’

By Jesse Reed

Rob Gronkowski missed a portion of last weekend’s big win in New Orleans after suffering a groin injury, but he’s “good to go” for Week 3.

Speaking to reporters Friday, Gronkowski made it clear he’s playing.

The New England Patriots will need a healthy Gronk to have the best chance of making big plays through the air against a tough Houston Texans defense Sunday. J.J. Watt and Co. wreaked havoc on a bad Cincinnati Bengals offense last week on Thursday night and have had plenty of time to rest up for this weekend’s battle.

Last year in the playoffs, Houston did a number on Tom Brady even without Watt in the lineup, forcing him into two interceptions while keeping him in check for most of the game. If not for the awful play of Brock Osweiler in that game, the Texans might have walked out with the win.

Gronkowski wasn’t in the lineup in that game as he dealt with a back injury. If he’s really “good to go” and isn’t suffering any lingering issues from his groin injury, then he could pose a problem and quite possibly be the difference in the game.

Though, it’s also worth pointing out that Houston’s offense is rather questionable these days with rookie Deshaun Watson behind center. It’ll be an interesting game, to be sure.