Ricky Williams has interesting take on Robert Kraft scandal

By Vincent Frank

When New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was popped in Florida last month on charges of soliciting prostitution, it led to a widespread debate on social media.

Should the world’s oldest profession be legal? That’s certainly the case in some areas of Nevada and around the world.

Those who believe that government shouldn’t dictate what women do with their bodies pushed back against what some describe as archaic laws relating to prostitution.

In no real surprise former NFL star Ricky Williams seems to be backing up this idea in discussing the Kraft scandal.

“I think people have different moral standards and judgments,” Williams told TMZ Sports. “But, from a purely … I’ll call it practical, maybe a little taboo … sometimes it’s just better to pay for it, you know?”

That’s certainly one way to look at it. Though, the Kraft situation also brought to light the dark underbelly of human trafficking in the United States and the broader world. In and of itself, that’s the biggest issue many see with the scandal surrounding the longtime Patriots owner — even if he wasn’t directly implicated.

Though, laws are laws. Just as NFL players know full well they will be disciplined by the NFL for smoking marijuana, Florida law prohibits paying for sex. That’s why Kraft himself has been charged.

In any event, it’s no surprise Williams has this specific take on the scandal. He’s been going against the grain for some time now.