Richard Sherman questions Bruce Arians’ criticism of NFL rules

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman continues to find himself in the news. It’s not for his Hall of Fame-worthy play on the field. It’s most definitely not regarding his team’s first-place standing in the NFC West.

Predictably, Sherman has taken to the media in order to question and/or call out a division rival.

In questioning the criticism of Arizona Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians regarding defensive players leaping over offensive linemen on field goals, Sherman sounded a bit perturbed.

“It’s bad for his (Arians) team,” Sherman said, via ESPN. “If he means bad for his team is bad for football, then I can see that. But they have a predictable cadence, and it’ll happen to them again if they keep doing it the same way.”

This was in direct response to Arians stating defenders being able to leap over the line on field goal attempts is “bad for football.”

It all comes on the heels of Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner blocking┬áChandler Catanzaro’s field goal attempt in the second quarter of Sunday’s game. This came in a game that eventually ended in a 6-6 tie, likely furthering Arians’ frustration.

Even then, Sherman wasn’t having any of it.

“No, no, that sounds foolhardy,” Sherman continued. “By the time he snaps the ball, they’re over him. If you watch that play, by the time the ball is through his legs and he would have time to look up, Bobby’s in the backfield. So that rhetoric is denied.”

The NFL has maintained a stance to change rules that it perceives impact the health of players on the field. This is one of the primary reasons the league decided to make it a penalty for a defensive player to use an offensive linemen as a guide to block a field goal.

Though, there’s really no indication that what Wagner did on Sunday night puts offensive linemen in more danger than they already are.

Instead, Sherman is right in assuming that the Cardinals should change their predictability when it comes to such plays.