Richard Sherman on Playing Cardinals: “Nothing’s Really Different”

By Rachel Wold

The Final Sunday Night game of the season gives fans a match between the top two NFC West teams, Seattle Seahawks (10-4) and the Arizona Cardinals (11-3). While some may think that both teams should be extremely hyped for this near-playoff matchup, Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman doesn’t seem to be fazed.

Sherman had this to comment regarding Sunday’s game (via

The field’s the same size. The goal posts are the same height. Nothing’s really different. I don’t think the stadium changes (things for us).

Despite Sherman’s nonchalant attitude, we all know the Seahawks are looking forward to potentially taking control of the NFC West heading into Week 17.

On the flip side, we have quite the ampedup Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians, who didn’t exactly downplay the game (via News Tribune).

Oh, yeah, man! You don’t get to play for the damn things very often!

You know, it’s not like Seattle’s played for them for 100 damn years! (division championships). So I’m sure they’re embracing it, also.

Now, Arians’ comments are more like it. For the Cardinals, a win would secure the division title and give them home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Obviously, if the Seahawks win, the two teams will be tied, leaving their playoff fate to the Week 17 matchups. Note that the Cardinals have a perfect home record so far this season.

I’m sure Sherman’s blase’ demeanor is just a farce with the hopes that the Cardinals’ slip up and let their guard down this Sunday.