Richard Sherman has an interesting take on NFL injury reports and gambling

By Rachel Wold

The words that come out of the mouth of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman never fail to amaze us.

This time, Sherman was on the bandwagon to call out the NFL on its injury report rules.

“Our injury report is specifically to make sure the gamblers get their odds right,” Sherman said to the press.

Sherman of course mentioned that he thought the NFL is “not a gambling league” so “somebody” aught to look into that. Keep in mind the NFL forced former quarterback Tony Romo to cancel his fantasy football convention that was to take place at the gambling capital of the country, Las Vegas.

It is not shocking Sherman took a crack at the NFL and scrutinized the league in this particular area. At the same time, the NFL is hardly going to give Sherman the time of day when it comes to his take on injury reports being solely designed for odds-makers.