Richard Jefferson trolls Kyrie Irving over flat Earth stance

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson loves to have fun with his teammates. This happy-go-lucky attitude dates back to Jefferson’s days with the Arizona Wildcats. Now that he’s a bit long in the tooth, Jefferson doesn’t have the filter most of us possess.

Teammate Kyrie Irving surely bore the brunt of this on Wednesday with Jefferson trolling the All-Star point guard over his ridiculous stance that Planet Earth is somehow flat.

That’s just a beauty.


Coincidentally enough, the Cavaliers are defending NBA champions as well. One has to wonder if this is still the case in Irving’s alternative world where Earth itself is flat (more on that here).

So while LeBron James backs up Irving’s right to believe that everything we’ve learned in science is false, Jefferson is sitting back simply trolling his teammate.

Meanwhile, Jefferson himself is making young teammates dress as the world’s “tallest Oompa Loompa.”

All fun and games in Cleveland as the defending champs start the unofficial second half of the NBA season.