Richard Jefferson on Draymond Green’s podcast: It’s ‘something you try and fall asleep to’

The level of petty in today’s NBA just continues to be taken to another level. Whether rival players actually don’t like one another or if it’s just for show, there’s a lot of trash-talking taking place around the Association.

From LeBron James’ Warriors-themed birthday party to Stephen Curry liking a comment about the Cavaliers’ struggles, there’s surely some tension between these two teams. Of course, that’s been brought out each of the past two summers when Golden State and Cleveland took on one another in the Finals.

Either way, it’s fun.

It now looks like former Warriors wing and current Cavaliers veteran Richard Jefferson has decided to up the ante, directing some rather harsh comments the way of Draymond Green and his podcast.

“We have very, very different podcasts. I think Draymond is more of an NPR type. Where it’s something that you try and fall asleep to. I feel like ours is something that you want to drive to and laugh about. Channing, myself, and Allie, we do a very good job of bringing in guests and having fun,” Jefferson said, via “But Draymond is a very, very intelligent guy. I think he has a very good message that he wants to get out to people. It’s a good combination between the two.”

Okay, so that’s one veteran throwing some shade in the direction of another. All the while, Jefferson himself does take time to throw some compliments Green’s way. Indeed, it seems like this would qualify as respectful trash-talking.

It must also be noted that the two were teammates during Green’s rookie season back in 2012-13. Maybe this is just playful banter. Then again, it’s not a secret that these two teams just don’t like one another.

In defense of both Green and Jefferson, we will go on record saying that both of their podcasts are spot on.