Rich Hill resorting to drastic (and gross) measures to heal blister

Los Angeles Dodgers P Rich Hill has been placed on the DL

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill had to be placed on the DL for the second time this season on Sunday, one day after a blister on his middle finger burst, just two pitches into his start.

Previously, he was on the DL from April 15 to May 7 with another blister.

Needless to say, he’s very frustrated about this development. And now we’ve learned that he’s also resorting to some extremely drastic measures to try and heal this latest blister.

Now, the laser therapy is one thing. But chugging apple cider vinegar and urinating on his own hand is taking things to a whole other level.

Though, this isn’t the first time urine has been brought into the equation as it relates to a pitcher’s injury of late.

Hopefully, Hill’s blister heals up soon.