Rex Ryan slams Mario Williams for being selfish

Rex Ryan and Mario Williams apparently didn’t part on the greatest of terms when the defensive end was released by the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

Williams complained about his role in Ryan’s defense often during the 2015 campaign — the worst statistical season since his rookie season. He lamented having to drop back into coverage and never felt confidence in what he was being asked to do.

This didn’t resonate well with Ryan, who has coached his fair share of historical great players. Speaking with Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB, he made it clear he doesn’t exactly with Williams well as he continues his career with the Miami Dolphins.

“Now look, with some of the comments [he made], do I wish him well? Not really. But, he’s on Miami. If he would have gone somewhere else, maybe. He’s a good kid, but I am used to some mean motherf—ers that play out there. The Terrell Suggs, Jarrett Johnsons of the world. I screwed them, too; I had them drop [into coverage], too. Not one of them bitched. Von Miller [dropped into coverage] in the Super Bowl. Why? Because that’s what’s asked of him; that’s what his job is. Your job is to play.”

Further supporting this idea that Williams wasn’t a team player for the Bills last year are allegations by his former teammates that he quit on them during the season.

Now with Miami, which sports a 4-3 defense, Williams shouldn’t have anything to complain about. He’ll likely never be asked to drop into coverage, and he’ll be back in his comfort zone. He’s made it clear that his attitude will not be a problem this time around, but his actions last year won’t likely be forgotten any time soon by those in Buffalo.

It’s going to be interesting to see if any offensive linemen do anything extra to express their displeasure with their former teammate when the two teams meet up in 2016. Playing in the same division, they’ll play twice, once in Week 7 and then again in Week 16, on Christmas Eve. What a tremendous gift to us all.