Respected NFL insider puts Miko Grimes on blast

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Miko Grimes has been a troublesome sidekick for husband Brent Grimes, now a cornerback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of the cornerback’s friends, who also happens to be one of the most respected NFL insiders in the business, is sick and tired of her antics.

Grimes made headlines on Monday for the wrong reasons once again when she used racist terms to describe Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who is of Jewish descent. It wasn’t the first time she attacked Ross or the Miami Dolphins.

In fact, her persistent use of social media to blast the team and its owner was a huge reason why her husband was released by the Dolphins earlier this year (more on that here). She came out after the fact to contest that was the case, but Grimes is quite simply in denial about how much her actions have impacted her husband’s NFL career.

On that note, NFL insider Jay Glazer finally had enough of Grimes’ outrageous act on Monday following her latest Twitter blast.

His first Twitter message in response to her contains adult language, so we’ll pass along the edited version: “At this point I’m asking @iHeartMiko… please SHUT THE [explitive] UP! Sincerely, the Jew buddy of ur husbands who first got him trained in MMA.”

Miko Grimes responded with the type of message you’d expect from her, which was also explicit, and Glazer responded to that with a jest.

Then he got serious.

“@iHeartMiko your husband spilled blood out there, NOT YOU! He’s the one who worked his ass, I saw his work ethic first-hand. Your attention-whore antics only makes a great player undesirable, which is a disservice to your whole family and his legacy. Great player w a wife who just won’t shut the [explitive] up and let the man do what he’s meant to do. Once again, signed his “Jew buddy” who got him trained in MMA in Atlanta when he first shined.”

In this, it’s hard to argue against Glazer, who is rightfully sick and tired of seeing his friend’s name get dragged through the mud because of the offensive remarks of his wife.

Based on the way Miko has failed to care about this in the past, and how she has been in denial about how her actions affect Brent, nobody should expect Glazer’s words to hold any weight.

Still, one can hope that they do.