Reports: Cardinals, 49ers might show interest in Pierre Garcon

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If common sense prevails, free agent receiver Pierre Garcon may be heading to the NFC West. Both the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers have been mentioned as sensible suitors.

Kent Somers of AZCentral.com expressed that the Cardinals are a team that could show interest.

Meanwhile, Chris Wesseling of Around the NFL suggested that Garcon might work well in Kyle Shanahan’s offense again.

From a pure on-the-field standpoint, Arizona makes more sense.

The Cards are much closer to winning in 2017 and for now, they have a more stable quarterback position. Now, Garcon is the type of receiver who can play for a long time. But the fact is that he’s heading into age 31 this season. While he could play for a while, that’s usually past the point where receivers (even those built for the long term) with options should be looking for rebuilding projects, like San Francisco.

But from a business perspective, the 49ers are more sensible.

San Francisco has an abundance of cap space. Even better for Garcon, the 49ers are desperate for receivers and really need to spend some money to show potential incoming quarterbacks (or any other players) that they mean business. In other words, Garcon has a good chance of getting overpaid in San Francisco.

Even better would be a short-term deal. That would make sense for the 49ers. Overpaying someone isn’t such a big problem when the contract is only for one season. It would also make sense for Garcon. Given the lack of other receiving options in San Francisco and how well he’s already done in Shanahan’s offense, Garcon would be a natural No. 1 target. The lack of other options would increase the chances of Garcon having a big season and getting an even bigger deal next year.