Le’Veon Bell ballooned to 260 pounds last season?

Le’Veon Bell is “free at last” to sign with any team that wants him in free agency after the Pittsburgh Steelers opted not to use the franchise tag to secure him.

One of the teams that has been highlighted as an ideal fit by many is the New York Jets. However, the Jets are reportedly a bit concerned about Bell’s health, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. He reports “word on the street” is that the running back ballooned up to 260 pounds last year while he sat out for a season.

It wouldn’t be surprising whatsoever if Bell did gain a bit of weight in the season that he skipped. But it would certainly be a shock if he really did get up to 260. His listed weight is 225 pounds, after all.

There’s really no way to know if this reported weight gain is valid or if it’s being leaked to potentially drive his value down a bit. Teams will find out soon enough what kind of shape Bell is in. And we’d be stunned if he were not in fantastic shape as he seeks the long-term mega-deal he’s been asking for the past few years in Pittsburgh.