Report: Woody Johnson preparing to surrender control of the Jets

The New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is a candidate to be the United States Ambassador to Greg Britain in President-elect’s Donald Trump’s administration. Johnson is preparing to give up control of his team to his son, Christopher Wold Johnson, under that possibility.

“It would be next to impossible for Woody Johnson to maintain day-to-day control over the Jets while holding an overseas¬†ambassador position, so this news comes as little surprise,” reports. “Somebody would have to run the team in his absence, though he would still be the Jets’ owner.”

It makes sense. The Jets need someone in there to be able to handle the day-to-day operations of the team if Johnson were to take on this substantial role in the Trump administration.

This comes at the same time that reports have surfaced that the Jets, who are coming off a five-win season, aren’t looking to shake things up from an organizational standpoint. Despite the team’s struggles, both head coach Toddy Bowles and general manager¬†Mike Maccagnan are expected to be back next season (more on that here).

For his part, Johnson remains one of the most powerful owners in the NFL world. If he were to give up day-to-day operations power, it would surely have an impact on both the Jets and the league as a whole. He’s held this title since purchasing the Jets back in January of 2000.