Report: Vikings ‘pissed’ Adrian Peterson announced he’s playing Sunday

By Jesse Reed

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson made headlines Friday when he announced on a radio show that he’d be playing Sunday.

It was a shocking statement that had pretty much every NFL insider thinking, “okay then. I guess he’s healthy.”

Because Peterson returned to practice recently, we knew he was getting close to returning. But this was the first definitive statement anyone had heard.

As the chatter around the Twitterverse developed, one tidbit that stands out the most is a comment made by Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Responding to a comment that “Media people get real pissed when players bypass media,” Murphy divulged the following.

It’s not hard to understand why the Vikings might be upset. After all, Peterson just put the franchise in a tight spot. The Vikings have yet to make any roster moves that would pave the way for Peterson’s return Sunday when they host the Indianapolis Colts.

Peterson hasn’t been a model citizen while a member of the Minnesota franchise. He volunteered information that he smoked weed and of course missed most of the 2014 season after the NFL responded to the child abuse issues that arose regarding his four-year-old son.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Vikings do in response to this latest frustrating development.