Report: Tom Brady threw ‘incredibly well’ during practice Friday

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady suffered an injury to his thumb this week. It was very painful, was reportedly “gushing blood” and required four stitches. That’s all ominous stuff with the AFC Championship Game coming up in a couple of days.

But apparently none of it is having an impact on the way Brady throws the ball. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said he’s been told Brady threw the ball “incredibly well” during Friday’s practice.

That’s great news for the Patriots and their fans. Because, as we all know, the Patriots would have to fall back to the Brian Hoyer plan if Brady were to be unable to play. And that spells doom for the offense going up against the best defense in the NFL in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There is another issue that will be interesting to keep an eye on during the game Sunday. Brady reportedly hasn’t been taking snaps under center — taking them all from shotgun Friday — due to the laceration on his thumb. Whether that is something that continues through Sunday’s game will certainly have an impact on what the Patriots are able to do offensively.

New England is still heavily favored to win at home, despite all the hubbub about Brady’s injury this week. Given this team’s track record at Gillette Stadium, it’s easy to see why. Should the Patriots win Sunday, they would advance to their 10th Super Bowl, extending their NFL record.