Report: Texans could trade Tom Savage to the 49ers

By Vincent Frank

At this point, it would probably be quicker for everyone involved to report quarterbacks the San Francisco 49ers are not interested in.

Flush with exactly zero quarterbacks on the roster, San Francisco heads into free agency in an odd situation. Not only will it need to add a starter, the team will also be looking to acquire two more quarterbacks to fill out its depth chart.

NFL insider Tony Pauline just recently put up an interesting nugget in wrapping up his coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

The veteran scribe has talked to people close to the situation who believe the Houston Texans would trade Tom Savage to San Francisco should they be able to land Tony Romo.

“Many I’ve spoken with don’t believe Tony Romo will end up with the Houston Texans as rumored, but if it happens they feel a trade will then send Tom Savage to the San Francisco 49ers,” Pauline reported.

Still under his rookie contract, Savage is set to make under $800,000 next season. He’d surely be a cheaper alternative than going after Kirk Cousins, who has been bandied about as a possibility for the 49ers (more on that here).

Then again, any deal sending Savage to Northern California could be for him to act as nothing more than a backup to the starter San Francisco eventually acquires.

Savage, 26, replaced an ineffective Brock Osweiler as Houston’s starter late last season. He then promptly went down to injury in just his second start. The former fourth-round pick from Pittsburgh has attempted 92 passes without a touchdown in three NFL seasons.

Even if Houston were to miss out on Romo, the team might find itself in the market for a quarterback with more experience than Savage. After all, the team isn’t necessarily sold on Osweiler over the long term. In turn, that could also lead to a trade with San Francisco.