Report: Texans still not interested in trading for Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opened the door for NFL teams to set up visits with Tony Romo on Monday, but the Houston Texans still aren’t interested in making a move for the veteran gunslinger.

According to Sarah Barshop of ESPN, Dallas’ asking price is way too high, and Houston isn’t going to bite.

Many thought that Houston would be interested in acquiring Romo after it shipped off Brock Osweiler in exchange for a second-round pick and change, clearing significant cap space off its books in the process. However, since that time the franchise has remained staunchly opposed to making a trade for Romo.

At this point, one wonders if any team would be willing to deal for Romo, who’s been injury prone throughout the second half of his career. The Denver Broncos have made it clear they have no intention of acquiring him, and other teams in need of quarterbacks have already made moves to fill their voids.

Perhaps at this point, the best option for Romo is to leave the game on his own terms to pursue a lucrative career as a color analyst for one of the big networks pursuing him.