Report: Texans have expressed ‘mild interest’ in Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler
Courtesy of USA Today Images

At times during the NFL off-season, it’s seemed virtually impossible to even think that Jay Cutler might find a team for the 2017 season.

But at one point, the Houston Texans were interested.

“Actually, the Texans did express mild interest in Cutler, but coach Bill O’Brien preferred Tom Savage,” Jeff Dickerson of ESPN reported. “After last year’s Brock Osweiler debacle, Houston’s front office wanted to defer to O’Brien, and the Cutler talks fizzled.”

Preferring Savage to Cutler is one thing. But a Super Bowl contender entering a season with Savage, Brandon Weeden, and whatever rookies might come about in the draft isn’t exactly a winning strategy, either.

Houston’s reluctance to spend big money on a quarterback is understandable. But at the same time, Ed Werder of ESPN stated that Cutler wants to play and would take a discount for Houston.

That eliminates much of the risk.

At this point of his career, Cutler may not seem like he’s worth the gamble. But if he’s willing to take “less than starter money,” the risk is minimal. Unlike Osweiler, putting an ineffective and cheap Cutler on the bench wouldn’t be a big deal for the Texans. In truth, cutting him wouldn’t even be a big hit.

Having a veteran quarterback on the team isn’t a bad idea. If money is the issue, then going another direction would be wise. But given the lack of experience at the quarterback position that Houston has, and given Savage’s inability to stay healthy in the past, a discounted veteran would be sensible.