Report: Someone bet $3.8 million on Rams to win Super Bowl LIII

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A person who is known as “Bettor X” has reportedly placed at least $3.8 million in wagers ahead of Super Bowl LIII betting on the Los Angeles Rams to win.

Darren Rovell of The Action Network reported Saturday that the person placed at least three separate bets — one forĀ $2 million at MGM, one for $1.5 million at William Hill, and one for $300,000 at South Point — on Los Angeles to beat the New England Patriots.

This same person reportedly netted $15 million last year when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, per Rovell.

Now here comes the kicker: If “Bettor X” wins, he’ll net $4.56 million, as all three wagers were made at +120 odds.

And here we were thinking the actual tickets to Super Bowl LIII were expensive.