Report: “Several” ESPN Employees Want Britt McHenry Fired

ESPN recently suspended reporter Britt McHenry for one week after a video showed her lashing out at a tow-yard attendant.

But according to TMZ, not everyone at ESPN agrees with the temporary punishment; reportedly, some think she should be fired.

“One high level producer tells us, ‘She’s the worst. Hopefully she’ll be fired soon.’

Another person told us, ‘[What she did] reflects on all of us at ESPN. She will be fired soon. If not, I’ll be shocked.'”

McHenry will likely be welcomed back by some co-workers if she does indeed return, but it’s no surprise others are not thrilled about what happened.

However, we’ve all been in an emotionally fueled state where we said some things we wish could be taken back. The constant barrage of anger heaped on McHenry is unfair at this point. She messed up. She knows it.

But McHenry’s recognition of wrongdoing might not save her job at ESPN. And it sounds like a few people wouldn’t be upset about that.