Report: Sam Bradford mad about Eagles’ trade for No. 2

By Jesse Reed

Sam Bradford recently signed a big two-year contract to be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. So it’s natural for him to be a bit bothered that the Eagles just gave up the farm to move up in the 2016 NFL Draft, presumably to select a top rookie passer.

However, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, he’s more than a bit upset.

“He’s hot,” said one source. “Who wouldn’t be? This is Philly saying, ‘We don’t see (you) as long-term answer.’ He’s mad and wants to show everyone who’s best.’’

Most casual fans have realized already that Bradford isn’t the long-term answer for any team, but you can’t fault the player for being upset about his team acknowledging it in such a blatant manner.

It must be noted that team general manager Howie Roseman adamantly stated after making the trade up to No. 2 that “Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback.”

At the same time, it must be noted that NFL teams are known for saying one thing and doing another.

Regardless of what Roseman said, Bradford almost certainly will be the starter in Week 1. The Eagles are in a position with Bradford and backup Chase Daniel behind him to groom either presumably Jared Goff out of Cal or Carson Wentz out of North Carolina State for a year or two before throwing either of them into the fire.

But the Eagles are clearly seeing what the rest of us see, which is that Bradford at this point is nothing more than a stopgag quarterback. And if history is any indication, he’s not going to last the full year due to one injury or another.