Report: Protective order issued against Johnny Manziel, ordered to pay $12,000

By Michael Dixon

While Johnny Manziel will not be charged in last weekend’s disturbance with his girlfriend, he’s not entirely escaping legal action, according to WFAA-TV’s Rebecca Lopez.

The news about Manziel this week has been nothing but bad. Following an altercation that included a helicopter chase last weekend, has been alleged that Manziel struck his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley and threatened to kill both of them.

Former NFL bust Ryan Leaf, who also had legal issues, said that when he sees Manziel, “It feels like I’m holding up a mirror.”

Lopez also stated that the Dallas Cowboys will not pursue the troubled quarterback but at this point, it doesn’t really matter. Manziel needs to straighten any potential legal issues out and clean his life up in a big way before worrying about where he’ll play football. Manziel’s father, Paul, obviously has a similar attitude, as he was quoted as saying that he doesn’t feel Manziel will see his 24th birthday (Dec. 6, 2016) if he doesn’t get help.

If these reports are accurate, or even close to accurate, that’s certainly a realistic fear at this point. So, while news of a protective order and a $12,000 fine is certainly not welcome, it also seems to pale in comparison to his other issues.