Report: NFL players may take ‘a week or two’ to vote on new CBA

By Jesse Reed
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL world eagerly awaits a resolution on a potential new CBA ahead of the 2020 season, but the players may not have a final vote for a couple of weeks.

Mark Maske of The Washington Post reported Wednesday morning that the ratification vote of all the players “could be a week or two off.”

In the meantime, there’s plenty of loose ends to tie up as teams attempt to get on with their offseason plans.

Late Tuesday night it appeared that a vote may happen sooner than that, and all signs have pointed to the players voting to ratify the proposed collective bargaining agreement.

Among the potential sticking points is the proposed 17-game schedule, along with the pay that comes with that extra game. Some of the NFL’s top veteran voices have made it clear they are against the current proposed CBA, and the NFLPA executive committee voted against the proposed CBA last week.