Report: Mark Sanchez to be active in Week 17 with Dak Prescott not likely to play entire game

Mark Sanchez

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly set to make third-string quarterback Mark Sanchez active on Sunday with the expectation that Dak Prescott won’t likely play the whole game.

This is interesting news because what it really signals is that Tony Romo would almost certainly not be the man to step onto the field if Prescott comes out early. Otherwise, there’s no reason to activate Sanchez, who’s been in street clothes the past few weeks while Romo has been in uniform on the sidelines.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said recently that he doesn’t want to risk Romo getting injured and would therefore not be inclined to let his veteran play at all during the regular season (more on that here).

This seems to be playing out right in front of our eyes. Romo could have easily come into the game for the Cowboys on Monday night during garbage time, thrown a few passes while mostly handing the ball off to run the clock down. Instead, Prescott finished the game, even with a three-touchdown lead.

And now, if he doesn’t complete the team’s upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s looking like Sanchez — not Romo — will get the call to finish the game. If Romo does get into any games this season, it’s going to happen in the playoffs, and only if Prescott is injured. If that happens, then one wonders how sharp he’ll be without any live game action since the preseason.

Of course, given this latest development, one wonders if it would be Romo at all, however preposterous this seems. Perhaps Jones is determined to keep Romo healthy so he can trade him this offseason, even if he’d never admit that as a possibility in public.