Report: LeSean McCoy hung up on Chip Kelly Tuesday

By Jesse Reed

Never say LeSean McCoy doesn’t know how to harbor a grudge.

Since being traded to the Buffalo Bills this past spring McCoy hasn’t tried to hide his hatred for Kelly. He recently said he did not take any of his comments back, including when he said Kelly “got rid of all the good black players” on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

Kelly himself laments how the entire thing went down. An ESPN reporter broke the story before Kelly or anyone else had a chance to call him to talk to him about the potential move. As Kelly puts it, McCoy “should be pissed” about how it all played out.

In an effort to reconcile with his former running back, Kelly reportedly reached out to McCoy as recently as Tuesday, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Let’s just say it didn’t go according to plan.

“McCoy didn’t recognize the number and answered. When Kelly identified himself, McCoy hung up.”

When he heard from agent Drew Rosenhaus he was being traded, McCoy reportedly broke down into tears, per McLane, signalling just how devastated he was about the whole thing.

Kudos to Kelly for continuing to attempt reconciliation. However, based on how things have gone this year he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for this to happen. Perhaps after more time has passed McCoy will be able to look at it from a different perspective, but clearly this is not something he is going to let go of any time soon.