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Report: Left tackle Trent Williams asked Washington ‘for quarterback money’

Jesse Reed
Trent Williams, Redskins
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins have given seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams permission to seek a trade, but maybe that’s what he wanted all along.

Albert Breer of The MMQB delved into this a bit in his Monday Afternoon Quarterback column.

Per Breer: “Things took a wrong turn between Trent Williams and Washington initially because Williams was asking for quarterback money. It’s a bold move, of course. And it’s probably a bunch of different people’s fault that things spiraled from there.”

Now, it’s important to remember that Williams has been disgruntled with Washington going back to last spring when he had a medical emergency the team’s medical staff didn’t handle the way he felt was appropriate. Multiple reports emerged during that process that Williams was determined never to play for Washington again after what went down.

The franchise hoped that hiring Ron Rivera as head coach and firing former president Bruce Allen would help patch things up, but perhaps the situation was too far gone already.

Whatever the case may be, left tackles are valuable but they aren’t getting quarterback money. Period. Especially a left tackle who has a history of injuries and didn’t play at all last season. That being said, there are teams interested in trading for Williams, and it would be stunning if a deal weren’t done soon.