Report: Johnny Manziel pulled over after domestic argument, admits to drinking

According to a report by Joe Pagonakis of newsnet5.com, Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Johnny Manziel was pulled over after a domestic argument escalated by policeĀ in Avon, Ohio.

The police report said that alcohol was involved and that an argument occurred between Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Elizabeth Crowley. According to the four-page report, both Manziel and Crowley admitted that that they had been drinking in Cleveland earlier that afternoon. The argument reportedly was over a wallet that was thrown out the window by Crowley.

In a further witness report, it is said that the couple pulled the car into an Avon neighborhood and continued with their argument. This is when another witness called the police. In the police report, Crowley said that Manziel shoved her head into the window.

In the report, it was noted by the police that they did see an abrasion on Crowley’s arm but it was determined that it was from Manziel’s attempt to stop her from jumping out of the car while in motion. Furthermore, the report indicated that the police did not believe the couple was intoxicated to the level they could be charged. Meanwhile, Crowley told the police she didn’t want to press charges against Manziel.

Both were allowed at that time to leave freely from the scene at Manziel’s car.

It should be interesting to follow the aftermath on this after a very quiet Manziel NFL season to this point.