Report: Jerry Jones expected to contest legal fees NFL owners want him to pay

On Monday, news broke that Roger Goodell will soon ask Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to pay back “millions” in legal fees.¬†Of course, to nobody’s surprise, Jones reportedly plans on fighting this action, according to Judy Battista of NFL.com.

Initially reported as a “fine” that Goodell would impose against Goodell, what this actually is all about stems from Jones hiring a lawyer to keep Goodell from landing a huge new contract extension, and from the Ezekiel Elliott suspension case that ended up going to court last year.

As we’ve seen in the past, the fact that this will likely end up as a hearing in front of Goodell means that Jones won’t win that battle. Which means that, if he’s hell bent on not paying his fellow owners their pound of flesh, Jones will likely take this to court.

Based on the way Jones has been received of late by his fellow owners, this figures to only make a sticky situation even stickier in the coming months.