Report: Hawks could take Luka Doncic No. 3, trade him to Dallas

By Michael Dixon

Might Luka Doncic end up on the Dallas Mavericks? According to one scenario presented hours before the 2018 NBA Draft, it’s quite possible.

Zach Klein of WSB in Atlanta, reported that Doncic could be selected third overall by the Atlanta Hawks, then traded to the Mavericks. The Hawks would ultimately end up with Oklahoma star, Trae Young.

As good as Young was for the Sooners, this feels like a mistake. It’s a little hard to evaluate Doncic, but he’s certainly impressive in the right areas. If Doncic falls out of the top-two — which is a virtual certainty — he feels like a guy that the Hawks should covet.

Of course, a lot could still prevent this from happening.

Reports on Wednesday had the Chicago Bulls looking to move up to No. 3. It’s possible that Chicago (or another team) could put a package together better than what Dallas is prepared to give. Picking No. 4, the Memphis Grizzlies could also throw a wrench into the proceedings.

These are all definitely worth remembering during the draft.