Report: Dak Prescott leaving endorsement deals on table to spend time with grandma

Dak Prescott, he who would rather get his beauty sleep than attend a Kanye West concert, is choosing to spend time with his grandma rather than landing lucrative endorsement deals.

It seems like the more we get to know this young man, the more he becomes the anti-Johnny Manziel.

Prescott has his “several days” to spend time with grandma in Louisiana because the Dallas Cowboys now have a bye week. And this is quite an important stretch of time as it relates to his immediate future. The Cowboys now have to decide to either continue rolling with the rookie for the foreseeable future or to turn over the offense to longtime starter Tony Romo.

Romo is now throwing and getting his body ready for action, targeting a return in Week 8 or Week 9 — against either the Philadelphia Eagles or Cleveland Browns.

Owner Jerry Jones wouldn’t say one way or another if Prescott would be able to earn the permanent starting job if he performed well against the Green Bay Packers in Week 6. Instead, he remained very politically correct, noting the situation was not cut and dry (more on that here).

At this point, however, one would have to assume the Cowboys are more interested in riding the wave of success Prescott has engineered, rather than introduce a new variable to the equation. As good as Romo has been in the past, the team is clicking with Prescott behind center right now.

With that in mind, it’s all the more interesting that Prescott has chosen to seek out his privacy and the comfort of family, rather than jumping headfirst into the limelight of instant success.