Report: Chip Kelly won’t be fired, ‘likely staying’ with Eagles in 2016

By Jesse Reed

Despite many rumors to the contrary, the Philadelphia Eagles have no plans on firing head coach Chip Kelly during or following this season. Kelly is “likely” to return to coach the team in 2016, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

“Despite months of rumors and speculation, Chip Kelly is likely to be back with the Eagles next season, according to team and league sources, and ownership has no plans to move on from him,” La Canfora writes.

There is no use calling this season anything other than a huge disappointment to Kelly, team owner Jeffrey Lurie and to Eagles fans. Heading into Week 13 Philadelphia is 4-7 but still unbelievably in playoff contention in the pathetic NFC East, where Washington and New York are atop the division with records of 5-6.

Kelly was given the keys to the kingdom this past offseason as the team’s primary decision-maker, gaining the title of general manager in addition to his head-coaching duties.

He famously got rid of running back LeSean McCoy, let others like receiver Jeremy Maclin walk, traded quarterback Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and signed DeMarco Murray to a huge deal. Neither Bradford nor Murray have yet to pan out, and it remains to be seen if his other roster moves will bear any good fruit in the future.

That isn’t overly concerning to Lurie, however, who still believes in Kelly’s long-term vision for the franchise, per La Canfora.

“Lurie is very loyal and believes in Kelly long-term, even if players have their concerns, and he did not hand Kelly total control to the roster a few months ago to consider launching a new search for a coach and GM now.”

The only way it seems Kelly might leave this position is if he were offered a position as the leader of a prominent college program. However, after scratching and clawing his way to the NFL it’s hard to imagine he’d leave on his own volition after just two seasons in the big-boy league.