Report: Cardinals GM Steve Keim lied about job after getting pulled over

Cardinals general manager Steve Keim

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim was arrested for DUI on July 4. Both Keim and the team have released statements on the matter. Now, we’re getting some insight from the arresting officer.

According to the report (per Josh Weinfuss of ESPN), Keim identified himself by name and as a Cardinals employee, but not the GM. Instead, Keim said that he was “the director of security for the Arizona Cardinals.”

It’s not that we can’t understand the desire to get yourself in the good graces of the police. Unfortunately, when you’re an NFL GM and you identify yourself by the correct name, things are pretty easy to research.

Keim then doubled down on his apparent attempt to gain favor with the police. He noted that heĀ “works with Sean McKenzie.” That’s where the story really fell apart.

Per Weinfuss’ report, the officer noted that “the only Officer Sean McKenzie I know was killed in an off duty vehicle collision and I believed he was referencing him.”

That pretty much speaks for itself.

Certainly, this will not be remembered as Keim’s finest moment.