Report: Browns Have Discussed Possibility of Trading Johnny Manziel

Courtesy of USA Today

Johnny Manziel may be rejoining the Cleveland Browns after he’s released from rehab later this month, but that reunion could very well be short-lived.

In talking about a wide range of situations relating to the Browns, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole indicated on Wednesday that a source within the Browns organization admitted that there has been some discussions about moving Manziel.

Per Cole: 

In talking to a source within the Browns organization. Yes, there have been some discussion of Manziel possibly being traded, but that’s not really what the Eagles are looking for,” Cole Said. “If the Eagles are going to make this trade and send Bradford on to get draft picks back, the whole point is to put together a package of draft picks to get them to Marcus Mariota.”

The interesting thing here is that Cleveland’s discussions with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford reportedly don’t include Manziel. That’s an indication that Chip Kelly and company are looking for one of the Browns two first-round picks in order to move Bradford.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Philadelphia’s ultimate goal here has to be former Oregon standout Marcus Mariota, who is expected to go somewhere in the top 10 of the upcoming NFL draft.

As it relates to Manziel, any trade would likely be separate from the discussions with Philadelphia for Bradford.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland PlainDealer hinted earlier this offseason that the Browns might very well be looking to trade Manziel. That report came at about the same time as other rumors suggesting the team has already moved on from the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Photo: USA Today Images