Report: Bills advised Mitch Trubisky on decision to enter draft

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Filed under the category of news you don’t read every day, Mitch Trubisky reportedly sought advice from the Buffalo Bills about declaring for the 2017 NFL Draft.

In an appearance on the Rotoworld Football Podcast with Josh Norris, Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting passed along this interesting information. In the notes following this report on Rotoworld, it’s noted that, “We think the Bills are the likeliest team to move up for a passer and Trubisky could be their top signal caller.”

Interestingly, the Bills’ top brass, including owner Terry Pagula, was in North Carolina recently for a private workout with Trubisky. A workout the franchise was seemingly trying to keep completely private until a UNC coach tweeted out a picture highlighting their visit.

Following this, rookie head coach Sean McDermott tried to use the old, maybe this is just a smokescreen angle to downplay the team’s interest in Trubisky and other top passers (more on that here).

An interesting dynamic at play amid all this is the fact that Buffalo hemmed and hawed about bringing Tyrod Taylor back and ultimately did so. But it did so after slashing the quarterback’s contract into pieces and bringing him back at a significantly discounted rate. The contract also essentially gives the team leeway to cut ties with Taylor after this season without incurring a gargantuan dead cap hit.

Trubisky only started 13 games at North Carolina, and some people wonder why he couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams in the two years before 2016. It seems the Bills aren’t among those worried about his lack of experience. And based on this new evidence, the franchise could be well on its way to reaching for another ill-prepared rookie for the second time in five years.