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Report: Antonio Brown skipped practice, benched over dispute with teammate

Jesse Reed
Phillip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ed Bouchette and Gary Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Antonio Brown’s absence this past week and on Sunday had nothing to do with a knee injury.

Instead, they report Brown had a dispute with an unnamed Steelers teammate that prompted him to miss practice.

“The disagreement occurred Wednesday morning during a routine walk-through practice that precedes their regular afternoon practice on the South Side. Brown became disgusted and threw a football in anger at one of his teammates, several sources said.”

Per the report, Brown didn’t attend Saturday’s walk-through practice and skipped the Saturday night meeting at the team hotel.

Then he showed up for Sunday’s game expecting to play — surprising teammates –and was denied. One of them called the situation “embarrassing” and “the worst I’ve seen.”

Of course, all this is contrary to what head coach Mike Tomlin told reporters on Friday, which was that Brown missed practice because he didn’t feel comfortable enough to play and that he was having his knee tested.

There seems to be no shortage of drama surrounding the Steelers.