Report: Amazon to pay $50 million to stream NFL games in 2017

All of you who were looking forward to NFL games being streamed on Twitter again this year are set to be in for a brutal off-season letdown.

According to Peter Kafka of, Amazon has won the bidding war over Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the right to stream 10 NFL games during the 2017 season. The games will be offered for free to Amazon Prime subscribers, meaning that you will have to sign up for the premium service in order to watch them.

The report also indicates that Amazon will pay about $50 million for the right to stream these games. That’s a major uptick from the $10 million Twitter paid for the same amount of games this past season.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have been looking for non-traditional ways of bringing games into our living rooms over the past couple years. This new medium might not be as mainstream as Twitter, but it sure does help pad the pocket books of those within the league office.

It will definitely be interesting to see what games are streamed and how this entirely new project works out for the league heading into the 2017 season.