Report: 2020 NFL season ‘likely’ to start on time

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL and NFL Players Association resolve key issues that could lead to players reporting for training camp, hope for the 2020 NFL season is looking up. With just over seven weeks until the regular season is scheduled to begin, things look promising for football fans.

Will the NFL season start on time?

The odds of the NFL season even taking place didn’t sound promising on Sunday when NFL players blasted the league over health and safety concerns heading into training camp. Fortunately, it led to a huge victory for the NFLPA and the outlook for the season starting on time is positive.

Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to host the Houston Texans for the NFL Kickoff Game on Sept. 10. While things could always change during the COVID-19 pandemic, NBC Sports’ Peter King told The Dan Patrick Show that it is likely the 2020 NFL season begins on time.

Multiple NFL teams¬†and players have encouraged the NFL to delay training camp and the regular season. But commissioner Roger Goodell and the league office aren’t receptive to the idea, making it far more likely the season begins on time.

However, King does note that there is far less certainty about the NFL finishing its season or operating without interruptions. This, despite the fact that the league is investing heavily in contact tracing and will test players regularly for COVID-19.

The NFL is already facing a potentially massive revenue hit this season with a majority of games played in empty stadiums or with significantly reduced capacity. If the league is forced to cancel games or stop play altogether, things will get even worse for everyone involved.